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Recovery Summer and Stimulus: Week in Review

  • On: 09/12/2010 19:00:46
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  • By Adam Bitely

    Over the past week, we covered the following states at NetRightDaily.com to see how Recovery Summer and Stimulus affected those states’ economies. We examined New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina and Washington and the results were alarming to say the least. As we continue to discover, the Big Government schemes from Washington, D.C. have had no positive effect on the employment situations in the states as unemployment continues to climb.

    Just take a look at New Mexico. Since Obama took office in January of 2009, the unemployment rate has increased nearly 2.5 percent — a startling increase when you consider that the Obama administration was claiming that the economy was recovering in the spring of 2010.

    Over the course of the spring, New Mexico faced increasing unemployment even as the supposed “Summer of Recovery” began. Overall, New Mexico is currently facing the worst unemployment situation since Obama took office. And there is no end in sight for their ailing economy.

    Similar bad news can also be found in North Carolina. As of June 2010, the unemployment rate hit double digits at 10 percent. And while the “Summer of Recovery” was supposedly going strong, North Carolinians witnessed a shrinking labor force and an ever-decreasing hope that the economy would soon revive itself.

    And in Washington, the unemployment rate has increased by 1.5 percent indicating that the “Summer of Recovery” was nothing but a “Summer of Economic Disaster”. While the state has received nearly $6.5 billion in “stimulus” monies, the unemployment has continued to rise as each “stimulus” dollar was spent. This surely is not what the Obama administration expected would happen. But it is exactly what free market economists predicted would happen since the concept of “stimulus” spending was first introduced.

    Even small states like New Hampshire have not been immune to the terrible economic conditions. Even though the state has received nearly $1 billion in “stimulus”, the unemployment situation has risen by nearly 1 percent. It is very difficult to find a single state that has benefited from the “Recovery Act”.

    As most Americans realize, the “Summer of Recovery” was anything but a “recovery”. While the Obama administration continued to pump “stimulus” money into the states, the results continue to prove that Big Government spending does nothing but divert resources away from places that desperately need them.

    Over the next five days we will continue examining the results of the “Summer of Recovery” and “Stimulus” in Virginia, Arizona, Oregon, Maryland and Kentucky. You can visit NetRightDaily.com each day to see what we uncover.

    Adam Bitely is the Editor-in-Chief of NetRightDaily.com.

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