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What has the “Summer of Recovery” done for you?

Does anyone remember when Joe Biden and the rest of the Obama administration kicked off the “Summer of Recovery” late last spring? If you don’t, let us help remind you.

On June 17th, the Obama administration announced the kick-off of “Recovery Summer” with a glowing press release laying out their plan on reviving the economy throughout the 2010 summer.

How was the recovery going to take place? According to the White House press office:

  • Highway Projects: There will be six times as many highway projects underway in July 2010 as in July 2009 – projects will surge from 1,750 last summer to over 10,000 this summer.
  • Clean and Drinking Water: This summer over 2,800 clean and drinking water projects will be underway versus just over 100 last summer – more than 20 times as many.
  • Home Weatherization: This summer, 82,000 homes will be weatherized versus 3,000 last summer – 27 times as many homes this summer as last.
  • National Parks: This July, nearly 800 projects will be underway at national parks versus just over 100 last July – 8 times as many this summer.

Home weatherization, some highway projects, and of course, cleaning the water supply was going to solve all of our problems.

But, according to the Summer of Recovery Map, the Summer recovery is still in front of us. As of today, the last update to the map was on March 31, 2o10. That’s right, apparently the great outcomes of the “Recovery Summer” program haven’t been realized at the White House yet–let alone the rest of America.

Oddly, the administration is asking for help. Apparently they can’t track all of the great stuff that is happening in the “Recovery Summer” projects, so they want you to submit any stories you find to help them figure out where “recovery” is taking place.

Just click here and they will consider posting your local story on their great map. After all, they haven’t had anything worth reporting since March 31, 2010, well before the “Recovery Summer” began. Lend them a hand!

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