09.30.2010 0

Online Petition Urges Senate Majority Leader Reid to Avoid Lame Duck Votes

By Kevin Mooney — Danny Tarkanian, Chairman of “1001 Reasons to Vote Against Harry Reid,” has organized a new campaign that calls on Senate Majority leader to refrain from any votes in the lame duck session on major issues like card check, cap and trade and tax hikes. The online petition directed at Reid is available online.  “1001 Reasons to Vote Against Harry Reid” was created for the  purpose of educating the public about Senator Reid’s voting record and raising the funds necessary to finance television and radio ads this fall.

Reid is facing a tough re-election fight in Nevada from Sharron Angle, the Republican nominee who is also a Tea Party favorite.

Tarkanian is a Nevada resident and a former U.S. Senate candidate.

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