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Don’t Tread On Me License Plate Coming to Virginia?

In Virginia, Delegate John O’Bannon is sponsoring legislation that could bring a “Don’t Tread On Me” license plate to the roads in the Old Dominion. This seems like a pretty cool idea.

There is some irony in the license plate though. As Bearing Drift’s Brian Kirwin noted, “I don’t mind if the Tea Party gets their own license plates. I just never saw so many Tea Partiers so excited to write government a check before.”

According to Julian Walker with the Pilot:

912 Richmond, a group under the umbrella of the Virginia Tea Party Patriots federation, is soliciting motorists to apply for the plates on its Web site. Last month, members promoted the plate at the statewide Tea Party convention.

So far, a group official said, 600 people have expressed interest.

Before a specialty plate can be issued in Virginia, 350 prepaid applications must be submitted to the state Department of Motor Vehicles.

If you live in Virginia and are interested in some more information on how to obtain the specialized plate, check out the 912 Richmond group.

I wonder if the Department of Homeland Security will amend their “Right-Wing Extremist” memo to profile folks with this license plate.

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