11.02.2010 0

Election Prediction Contest

Please leave a comment with a prediction of how you think the election results will pan out tonight. An ideal comment/prediction would look like the following:

House: 65 GOP pickups

Senate: 8 GOP pickups

If I cannot understand your comment, you won’t win. You will also need to leave your email address so that I can contact the winner. No email address, no prize. No predictions will be accepted after 7 pm eastern. And in case you are wondering, the winner will receive recognition on this site plus a prize that I cannot even discuss on here yet because it is that cool… Seriously.

Also, be sure to check back throughout the night as we discuss the election results at the NRD Election Headquarters.

Some clarification on how to win: The first person that is closest, or exactly correct, to the actual results is the winner.

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