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From Frum’s Blog: A Defense Of Upton?

Tim Mak at Frum Forum mentions Americans for Limited Government for opposing Upton over his earmarks. While we thank the Frum Forum for pointing out Upton’s earmark problem, we have not attacked him for this reason.

We have kept the heat on Upton for his extreme environmentalist policies that are far better suited for the Pelosi wing of the Democratic party. It is inconcievable that the House GOP leadership would allow their committee Chairman who will be the point person on the climate change and ObamaCare debates to be someone of Upton’s ilk.

We don’t dislike Upton, he is just philosophically incompatible with being the Chairman of the House Energy & Commerce Committee. Once again, we would like to thank David Frum’s operation for pointing out his additional problem with being a big government appropriator. It’s just another reason to oppose Upton’s bid for Chairman.

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