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Stop Fred Upton, Part 2

By Adam Bitely –

As we head into the final days before the GOP Steering Committee announces the next Chairman of the House Energy & Commerce Committee, it is vital that Fred Upton be stopped from receiving this important job.

Fred Upton has been wrong on the issues that this Congress will be tasked to deal with. He banned light bulbs, supported Big Government bailouts, and defended the Obama-run EPA on numerous occasions. This type of politician cannot be elevated if we are to seriously believe that the new Congress is serious about getting the nation back on track.

If you want to know more about where Upton stands on the environment and energy, look no further than his alliance with the Republican Main Street Partnership. The main-liners are a who’s who of liberal, big government Republicans in Congress. They have long opposed any meaningful legislation that would undo the big government expansions that Congress has become so well at implementing.

According to the Republican Main Street Partnership’s website, their stance on energy and the environment is as follows:


We believe that stabilizing our energy supply will benefit the consumer, strengthen our businesses, and enhance the security of our country.

We encourage and support the use of renewable energy sources such as biomass, wind, solar, and geothermal.

We must reduce the environmental impact of traditional sources of energy.


We believe that conservation, protection of natural resources and preservation of open space should be a top priority.

We must account for, and address the reasons for global climate change through the development of practical climate solutions that demonstrate economic opportunities and are aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

In light of the destruction of the House Committee on Global Warming, one must wonder where Upton stands on these issues. He has made his alliance with this group known. And regardless of what he now says to gain more power, he is clearly lying to someone.

Is he lying to the GOP Steering Committee when he says he is no longer supporting climate change paranoia legislation, or is he lying to the Republican Main Street Partnership, a group he has long been a water carrier for in the House?

Be sure to contact the GOP Steering Committee and let them know that Upton MUST be stopped.

John Boehner Speaker 202-225-6205
Eric Cantor Republican Leader 202-225-2815
Kevin McCarthy Republican Whip 202-225-2915
Jeb Hensarling Republican Conference Chair 202-225-3484
Tom Price Policy Chair 202-225-4501
Cathy McMorris-Rodgers Conference Vice-Chair 202-225-2006
John Carter Conference Secretary 202-225-3864
Pete Sessions NRCC Chairman 202-225-2231
Greg Walden Leadership Chairman 202-225-6730
Tom Cole NRCC Chairman (last Congress) 202-225-6165
Lamar Smith Texas Representative 202-225-4236
Ken Calvert California Representative 202-225-1986
Jeff Miller Florida Representative 202-225-3414
Doc Hastings Region I Representative 202-225-5816
Tom Latham Region II Representative 202-225-5476
John Shimkus Region III Representative 202-225-5271
Mike Rogers Region IV Representative 202-225-4872
Bill Shuster Region V Representative 202-225-2431
Steve LaTourette Region VI Representative 202-225-5731
Hal Rogers Region VII Representative 202-225-4601
Lynn Westmoreland Region VIII Representative 202-225-5901
Bob Goodlatte Region IX Representative 202-225-5431
Cynthia Lummis Small State Representative 202-225-2311
Gregg Harper 111th Class Representative 202-225 5031
Todd Rokita 112th Class Representative 317-268-4964
Joe Heck 112th Class Representative 702-614-5900
Pat Meehan 112th Class Representative 484-454-3203

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