01.10.2011 0

The Political Exploitation of the Arizona Slayings Is Sick and Twisted

Bill Wilson, President of Americans for Limited Government (the parent organization of this website), released the following statement today in response to the politicization of the Arizona slayings by politicians and pundits attempting to link the murderous rampage by Jared Loughner to a political ideology and rhetoric:

“Our thoughts and prayers as a nation should be with the victims of the Tucson slayings by Jared Loughner, and their grieving families.  Instead, soulless partisan hacks are attempting to cast these attacks in some political context, seeking to blame everyone from Sarah Palin, the tea parties, to the Republican Party at large for somehow inciting Loughner’s killings, the motive of which may never be clear.

“Meanwhile, the motive for linking Loughner to the political right is more than transparent, it is a sick political agenda that seeks to take advantage of this tragedy.  Once again, the shameless strategy is to blame a horrendous act of carnage on conservatives, Republicans, or tea parties for the purpose of delegitimizing their philosophy of governing.  Enough is enough.

“The American people should not even dignify this twisted strategy as legitimate discourse.  It is nothing more than fear-mongering.  To try to politicize this tragedy is to scapegoat millions of Americans who only have legitimate objections to their government.  The American people will not be bullied from protesting their government, even as they condemn and mourn the needless slaughter by a lone lunatic.”

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