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The Taxpayer’s Right to Bargain for Much More

  • On: 02/24/2011 09:19:51
  • In: Big Labor
  • By Deborah Young

    Union teachers in Wisconsin over the past week are speaking out in protest on the possible loss of their right to collective bargaining. For any public union member and union to speak as if the majority of our population, the taxpayers, do not already have this right, is one-sided. This shows a great sense of disrespect for the values that our country was founded on and the meaning of self reliance.

    Every worker who pays taxes, is bargaining for themselves, as each union member also has that right. This right to bargain for wages and benefits come in the form of offering a productive skill to an employer that is needed and wanted, going to work on time as scheduled, having integrity within your job, and being responsible enough to perform well. In return for doing so, we are paid, we keep our jobs, we are valued, and thus we are earning and keeping the bargaining powers for ourselves (i.e. self-reliance) — without the need for unions, as it should be.

    It is these bargaining powers that keep us employed in order to fund public workers that continually request better wages and benefits than those that supply the money to do so. If we, the taxpayers, do not hold up to our agreement in exchange for wages and benefits, we then lose our jobs.

    When any public worker begins to consider themselves more important, and above those who pay their salaries, there is something profoundly wrong with their loyalties. For far too long, the taxpayers in this country have been ignored, stepped on, and disrespected. Taxpayers are tired of our irresponsible government thinking that our tax dollars belong to them to fund public unions that are ultimately smaller versions of campaigning and socialism at our expense.

    With that said, I believe I speak for the majority of taxpayers when I say: I am happy to see responsible government gaining control once again. I am tired of my tax dollars going to unsustainable pensions, perks, campaigns, lobbyists and unneeded programs that keep “able” people dependent. Unfortunately, the powers that be that we have allowed to run our country have been teaching our children that socialism is the future.

    If we continue to allow the socialist attitude to corrupt our children, which I believe teachers are doing in our schools today, we, as they, lose the right to bargain for our own future, freedom, and rights.

    Once that happens, we are finished. Government will begin telling us what to do and how to live our lives. This country will have no chance whatsoever to stay strong, if our children are, on a daily basis are taught they do not have to be held responsible for themselves, their actions, and supporting themselves.

    Self reliant people are what we need to reinforce the values of our country. Without that, we are just sheep reliant on a government to think and do for us. Which will inevitably lead to the controlling power (the government), taking most of our money to run their socialist country — leaving us uneducated, non-thinking, dependent, and a people that is completely obedient to manipulation.

    This, my fellow patriots, taxpayers, neighbors, and citizen across our great country, is completely unacceptable to me, as it should be to every free thinking, self reliant, country loving citizen of the United States of America.

    Deborah Young is a contributor to the Liberty Features Syndicate.

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