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Alternet.org’s Racist Attack on Herman Cain

The far left never ceases to amaze.  Using the ole, the left can’t be racists approach, an obscure website alternet.org is in the news for a columnists attack on GOP Presidential candidate Herman Cain where they use the term “monkey”, “race minstrel”, “black garbage pail kid” among other epithets.

Niger Innis from Congress Of Racial Equality responded forcefully, and the battle was joined.  Below is the chronology of back and forth posts, but the fact remains that the left claims words matter when anyone on the right says anything that is remotely “insensitive”, yet they unload the dumptruck on conservative blacks who don’t adhere to their orthodoxy.  It truly does shine a light on the character of the left, or lack thereof.

Chronology so far:

1. Original Story

2. My abbreviated response makes Breitbrart

3. Niger Innis’ Response:

I had the distinct honor of introducing Herman Cain at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Friday, February 11, 2011. Following Mr. Cain’s speech, AlterNet, a self-described “progressive” Web site, published undoubtedly racist and inarguably offensive commentary dripping with incendiary name-calling and race baiting of Herman Cain and black conservatives.

I call on AlterNet to immediately withdraw and issue a public condemnation of this vitriolic content appearing in their online publication. AlterNet’s mission statement boasts that it is a medium that transcends traditional journalism and is, instead, intended to “emphasize workable solutions to persistent social problems.” AlterNet also asserts that their content “underscores a commitment to fairness, equality and global stewardship,” and such virtues are in direct contradiction to the deplorable and irresponsible commentary they have allowed to be published.

It is particularly ironic after calls for civility in political discourse, by many in the media, that they would, through their inaction, encourage such socially reckless and racially insensitive material on a prominent leftwing publication.

This slander perpetrated by AlterNet is only a sneak preview of the grand plans that the liberals in media, politics and the blogosphere have for election 2012. President Obama’s chances for reelection rest on getting minority and young voter turnout intensity in 2012 to match the phenomenon of 2008. The Liberals know that, with a weak economy and “Hope and Change” losing the resonance it had 3 years ago, they have to come up with something to rally the base. Solution? Racism! Part one, 2010 the Tea Party movement is racist. The Sequel? 2012 the GOP is racist! Just this weekend on Meet the Press, David Gregory demanded that Speaker Boehner condemn Americans who have questions about the veracity of Obama’s religion and place of birth. Gregory (who followed his colleague Brian Williams who did the same earlier in the week) did this, not once, not twice, but several times. When has the media demanded from former Speaker Pelosi, Reid or Obama to condemn the nasty racist volleys constantly thrown at Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, Clarence Thomas and countless other Black Republicans or Conservatives over the last 20 years?

This selective outrage is just part of the narrative that the liberals want to promote for the 2012 campaign. One problem. There is a prominent Black American that is a probable candidate for the Republican nomination for POTUS, Herman Cain. His very existence on the campaign trail undermines the transparent agenda of the Obama-mania media. How can the GOP be racist when the man who is delivering the most passionate and eloquent critique of Obama also happens to be the only candidate (in both parties) with Black American slave ancestry.  So what is a liberal to do about this horrible obstacle to the plan? Discredit Cain. Call him a Tom, a race traitor, a minstrel. Exhibit A: AlterNet.com.

I wonder if the good folk at NBC news and MSNBC are going to demand the Democrats rebuke this vicious racism of the left. I doubt it.

At the heart of the fight for civil rights is the dignity of the rights of the individual. It is universally understood by all that to say “all blacks look alike” is racist. How sad it is that the mentality at AlterNet that led to this offensive commentary — “ALL BLACKS BETTER THINK ALIKE”– is not recognized to be as racist among Left-Wing racist cabals.

If AlterNet proclaims to champion civil rights, it will act immediately to rectify this situation and issue a public apology to those offended by their article.

February 14th, 2011


Niger Innis

National Spokesman

Congress of Racial Equality

4. AlterNet responds

5. Breitbart Site Responds

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