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Continuing Resolution LiveBlog

UPDATE at 3:45 PM: ALG President Bill Wilson condemns the 92 House Republicans that voted against $20 billion in spending cuts:

“Rep. Jordan and Rep. Blackburn’s proposal for another $20 billion in spending cuts would have helped House Republicans keep the Pledge to America promise to ‘roll back government spending to pre-stimulus, pre-bailout levels’ by ensuring that all agencies operate at FY 2008 levels.

“Although 147 Republicans, a broad majority of the conference, supported these cuts, incredibly, 92 members of their own caucus chose to protect funding for the government.  Unfortunately, now the House will come far short of its pledge to cut at least $100 billion of spending this year.

“Americans for Limited Government will continue our fight to hold House Republicans accountable to keep their pledge of cutting $100 billion in spending this year.  We urge all concerned citizens to contact their representatives at www.keepthepledge.org.”

UPDATE at 3:00 PM: House votes to DEFUND ObamaCare implementation. Via Philip Klein at American Spectator:

The House of Representatives has just passed four amendments to defund various aspects of the implementation of the national health care law.

In the most sweeping amendment, the House approved a measure introduced by Rep. Steven King of Iowa that would deny funding for the implementation of any provision of the health care law, 241 to 187. It also approved his amendment barring the payment of salaries to any official who funds the law, 237 to 191.

Another amendment, proposed by Rep. Denny Rehberg, would strip funding to the Department of Health and Human Services for the implementation of the law. That passed 239 to 187.

Rep. Jo An Emerson offered an amendment to deny the IRS money to implement the health care law — that passed 248 to 180. It attracted the most Democratic support — 8 votes. None of the other amendments received more than three Democratic votes. No more than four Replicans ever voted “no.”

The votes pave the way for a confrontation with the Senate.

UPDATE 2:45 PM: Rep. Jim Jordan’s amendment to cut non-discretionary non-defense spending back to 2008 levels was defeated by 92 Republicans who voted to keep spending at increased levels.

UPDATE 2:25 PM: Rep. Denny Rehberg’s amendment passes 239-187, defunding HHS and Labor from implementing ObamaCare. Click here for more info on Rehberg’s amendment.


Amendments are being considered currently on the House Floor to the Continuing Resolution. So far, Planned Parenthood has been defunded by a vote of 240-185 (Rep. Mike Pence’s amendment cutting off funds for Planned Parenthood).

Rep. Jim Jordan’s amendment has not yet been voted on. (More info on Jordan’s amendment here.)

You can watch the proceedings here Live on C-SPAN.

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