02.02.2011 0

Senate Fails to Repeal ObamaCare

UPDATE: ALG President Bill Wilson released the following statement after the Senate failed to repeal ObamaCare:

It’s unfortunate that Senate Democrats are so far out of touch with the American people that not one of them chose to vote to repeal ObamaCare, which has already been found to be unconstitutional.  They may be in the majority of the Senate, but they are against the majority of Americans who are demanding that this law not stand.

UPDATE: The Senate has voted to NOT repeal ObamaCare by a vote of  51-47. No Democrats supported repeal, including Ben Nelson (D-NE).

UPDATE: The vote to repeal the part of ObamaCare requiring massive 1099 filings has passed 81-17.

We are moments away from the Senate ObamaCare repeal vote. We will post results within moments of the vote.

Mitch McConnell has offered an amendment to the FAA re-authorization act which would implement a full repeal of ObamaCare. 60 votes are needed for repeal.

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