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NPR’s Diane Rehm Reacts to ALG’s Bill Wilson on CNN After Wilson Called NPR an ‘Elitist Soapbox’

Diane Rehm, the most neutral and objective person to weigh in on the NPR public funding situation, had this to say last night on John King’s America on CNN about Americans for Limited Government’s President Bill Wilson after Wilson called NPR an “elitist soapbox” (more below the video):

ALG President Bill Wilson‘s statement from yesterday that Rehm disliked:

“NPR CEO Vivian Schiller should have been forced to resign months ago after her outrageous firing of Juan Williams because he did not toe their orthodox liberal line. Her leaving now does not change the glaringly obvious fact that public broadcasting is nothing more than an expensive toy run by pseudo-intellectual snobs who despise the rest of us. Not one dime of taxpayer’s money should be spent to fund public broadcasting, which is nothing more than an elitist soapbox.”

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