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Senator McCaskill’s hidden trips

Senator Claire McCaskill

Americans for Limited Government has discovered that Senator Claire McCaskill not only hid her ownership of a private aircraft from Missouri tax collectors, but also hid its comings and goings from the American public.

When a private plane takes off or lands in the United States, the FAA publicly releases the flight data in real time.  For Washington Redskins fans, that is how the media can track when Redskins 1 takes to the air after the latest high profile, soon to be bust, free agent football player.

Claire McCaskill Plane Tracking

The tracking data on Sen. McCaskill's plane courtesy of FlightAware.com. Click to expand image.

However, Senator McCaskill’s plane’s activity was not released to the public as she exercised a special waiver to make her aircrafts flights not show up on the system.

With the remake of WonderWoman looming, maybe the Senator was just trying to get in the spirit by keeping her plane invisible to both Missouri tax collectors and the American public.  An invisible plane is  a whole new spin on transparency, although I doubt it is what most people assume she means by the term.

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