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Are Wisconsin Democrats Committing Fraud In Their Recall Election Efforts?

It appears that the Democratic Party of Wisconsin is committing fraud in their efforts to recall a State Senator in the Green Bay area. According to the Republican Party of Wisconsin, the Dems are calling constituents while masking the phone number so that it appears that the calls are coming from a local hospital.

Here is the scoop from the Republican Party of Wisconsin:

The Democrat Party of Wisconsin is using a fraudulent tactic to harass and intimidate constituents who favor recalling Democrat Senator Dave Hansen of Green Bay.

The Democratic Party has targeted for harassment people who signed recall petitions against Senator Hansen, making calls on beginning on Monday April 25th using a fake phone number and caller ID that showed up on phones as “Bay Care Aurora,” a well-known Green Bay area medical center.  Once recall supporters answered the phone, they were told they were speaking with a Democrat Party of Wisconsin operative, and were questioned about signing a petition to recall Hansen.

“It’s disgusting that the Dems would use a fake call from a hospital to trick people into answering their phones – only so they could harass and intimidate them into saying they did not sign a recall petition,” said Mark Jefferson, Executive Director of the Republican Party of Wisconsin.  “People who received that call may have feared the worst – an unexpected call from a hospital can bring terrible news about a loved one. The Democrats’ intent was obviously to confuse and upset people, hoping they would be disoriented and easily tricked into saying they had not signed a recall petition.  Dave Hansen’s political career may be coming to an end because he fled to Illinois, but that doesn’t excuse this cruel, desperate tactic.”

Some recall supporters who received the calls are asking if Senator Hansen supports the fraudulent tactics that were used to con them.

“Senator Hansen should explain why the Democrat Party of Wisconsin is attempting to disenfranchise his constituents who lawfully exercised their right to sign a recall petition against him,” says Jefferson.  “Intimidation, fraud, and deception are not likely to win him the support he so desperately needs after he abandoned his constituents during a budget crisis by escaping across state lines.”

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