04.27.2011 1

Massachusetts House Votes to Restrict Unions

The Massachusetts House, which is overwhelmingly composed of Democrats, decisively passed legislation today restricting the health care benefits of public sector employees. This is a major step forward in the battle between state governments and public sector labor union bosses.

Americans for Limited Government President (ALG) Bill Wilson issued the following statement praising the actions taken by the Massachusetts House:

“The costs imposed by public sector unions are breaking the backs of state and local governments across the country, particularly health care benefits to government workers. If even Massachusetts sees the need to rein in public sector unions, in this case by restricting the health care benefits of public employees, then nothing should be holding back other states from doing so. Massachusetts now joins the ranks of Wisconsin, Ohio, New Hampshire, and others that are taking this necessary step toward solvency.

“This legislation, primarily backed by Democratic elected representatives, proves that responsible elected leaders regardless of party or philosophy can see the absolute necessity of rolling back the lavish benefits that have been granted to government workers. Throughout Massachusetts, this bill will save over $100 million for cities and towns, saving thousands of jobs from termination, and critically, will return control of spending on health care benefits to representative, elected bodies.

“The key to reining in spending, whether at the state, local, or federal level, is to rein these mandatory forms of spending. And that necessarily must include the privileges that have been given without question to the public sector unions.”

Remember, the battle is between the state governments and the labor bosses, not the workers.

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