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New Hampshire Passes Right-to-Work Bill

Nea Hampshire - Live Free or Die

The New Hampshire Senate passed a right-to-work bill by a veto proof majority. This means that the legislation that has already passed the House will move to the governor’s desk.

Unfortunately, New Hampshire Governor John Lynch (D) has said he will veto the bill when it reaches his desk. While the Senate has a veto proof majority in favor of the legislation, the House does not at this point. So the bill is not totally doomed to become law.

Big Labor is already attacking the legislation as an assault on the working class. However, the right-to-work bill does not make it illegal to be part of a union–it simply gives workers the right to choose if they want to be part of one.

That sort of argument from the labor unions shows how weak they are. They realize that most of the workers would rather forgo having their paychecks shanghaied by the unions. So they resort to such attacks as the one above where they claim the working class is under assault. They aren’t, they are just being given the option to freely associate with the union.

After all, if the union offered everything it claims to and is a good representative of the employee, wouldn’t everyone want to join anyways? The unions know that the workers would leave them in droves, that is why they seek laws to prevent that from happening. Without the coercive powers of Big Government, Big Labor is worthless.

Hopefully the House will come up with the votes to overturn the veto of Governor Lynch. This will be a long fight.

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