04.13.2011 0

New Obama Budget is a Smoke-and-Mirrors Charade

Obama's 2012 Budget

Obama is delivering a campaign speech now about his new budget goals where he is deriding Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget proposal line by line–and reminding us the we are “winning the future” as long as we keep Obama around.

Here is some early reaction from ALG President Bill Wilson on Obama’s budget:

“The new Obama budget is just like the old Obama budget. It’s just smoke and mirrors. A charade. Just like the old budget, under the new budget, every single year, spending will increase, taxes will rise, and the government will expand. The national debt will increase by about $1 trillion a year such that by 2021, the debt will be more than $24 trillion. It never anticipates a balanced budget, nor does it foresee ever paying down the debt, which will soon become too large to even refinance.

“The Obama Administration once again has proven that it cannot be taken seriously when it comes to restoring order to the nation’s fiscal house. If elected officials cannot find a way to balance the budget sometime during their terms of office, their claims of ‘fiscal responsibility’ truly are preposterous.”

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