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Obama’s Veto Threat and Reid’s Inaction on Military Funding

Obama and Reid

UPDATE: The troop funding bill just passed in the House —> 247-181. More detail on this legislation can be found here.

It now appears that a “shutdown” is going to happen. And the fault of the “shutdown” will be on the shoulders of Harry Reid and Barack Obama.


Because Obama is threatening to veto the only piece of legislation that has been proposed to keep it open.

Why is Obama vetoing?

Simply put, the legislation would defund Planned Parenthood (amongst other Obama pet-projects) while keeping the military and the defense department funded through the rest of the fiscal year. Harry Reid claims that the inaction he and other Senate Democrats are taking is because of “ideology”–hey Harry, ideology goes both ways on this!

Americans for Limited Government (the parent organization of this website) President Bill Wilson weighed in on this:

“Barack Obama has broken faith with those he purports to lead, the men and women of the armed forces, by threatening to veto a House continuing resolution that funds the military through the end of the fiscal year.  The bill will also fund the rest of government for another week, and save taxpayers another $12 billion, bringing 2011’s total cuts up to $22 billion.

“Harry Reid’s inaction and Obama’s failure to lead on the budget are positively outrageous.  While House Republicans are funding the military through the end of the year, Reid and Obama want to use them as a bargaining chip.  There is absolutely no excuse to hold the nation’s fighting men and women hostage to save funding for NPR and other Democrat pet projects.

“It’s time for Harry Reid and Barack Obama to do the right thing.  It’s time for them to do their jobs.”

Instead of funding the military, which Obama just deployed to Libya, Obama is going “all-in” for Planned Parenthood…

Be sure to check out our guide to the “shutdown”, which will begin promptly tomorrow night at 12 midnight.

Oh, by the way, Congress will still get paid during the “shutdown”

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