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The Top 10 Reasons Harry Reid Wants a Government Shutdown

Fellow NRD contributor Rick Manning created a “Top 10” list of reasons that Harry Reid wants a “shutdown” over at The Hill’s Pundits Blog. Here are his top 10:

Top 10 Reasons Why Harry Reid Wants a Federal Government Shutdown (with apologies to a certain over-the-hill late-night talk-show host)

10: President Obama doesn’ t have time to campaign, vacation, golf and govern — something had to go

9: Wants to find out who are the 800,000 nonessential federal government employees before making cuts

8: Needs more free time to read cowboy poetry

7: Get those stinky tourists out of the Capitol Visitor Center

6: He wanted to make John Boehner cry

5: It’s George W. Bush’ fault

4: Congressional approval ratings are not falling fast enough

3: He wanted to prove that Sharron Angle wasn’t actually the crazy one in the last election

2: He’s actually a closet Tea Party member

1: Because he can

Obviously, the likely government shutdown is a very serious topic. This short column was written in the hopes of lightening the mood, while driving home who the real culprit is if the government shuts down.

Keep in mind, the government is shutting down because Obama and Senate Democrats refuse to consider legislation that will cut spending while keeping the government open.

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