05.06.2011 0

Recession Over? Unemployment Hits 9.0%; Obama Administration ‘Pleasantly Surprised’

The unemployment rate has increased to 9.0%–a blow to the Obama administration’s claims that the recession is over and that jobs are returning.

The reaction from the Obama administration to the increase in unemployment? Apparently, they are “pleasantly surprised.” Obama’s top economic adviser Austan Goolsbee said the following:

“This was a solid number,” Goolsbee said on CNBC. “It’s the strongest job creation in five years … more than five years.”

“The thing is, the unemployment rate hasn’t just been ticking down, it’s really been plummeting down,” Goolsbee said. “That is an illustration of what happens when you start making progress and putting jobs on the board.”.

244,000 jobs were created in April, 62,000 of which were created by McDonald’s.

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