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UFCW Attacks Walmart After The Company Helps Inner City Children

UFCW Slams Walmart

Further exposing the never ending hatred that Big Labor has for Walmart, here is this gem out of New York City where the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Union Local 1500 is attacking Walmart for making a $5 million donation to a New York City program that helps city children get summer jobs.

The program that Walmart had donated the money to was severely underfunded, and Mayor Michael Bloomberg was unable to raise the adequate amount of money to make the program work. Walmart stepped in voluntarily to “save the day”. But the UFCW is accusing them of “buying” access to the city government with their generous donation…

Check out the hatred and vitriol dripping from this excerpt from a UFCW press release:

“New York City residents and elected officials are very smart and understand their is no coincidence between Walmarts recent large contributions and their political style campaign to open stores in New York City, ” said Patrick Purcell, spokesperson for United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 1500. ” However, we should all welcome this money with no strings attached and continue to hope that this is perhaps Walmart seeking penance for the economic sins it continues to commit against workers, small business’s, women’s groups and communities. They should continue their penance by sitting down with the appropriate people and discuss real reform that could make them less objectionable to millions of New Yorkers. If not, this is money well spent and welcomed, but it is still nothing more than Walmart putting lipstick on a Bentonville pig.” Purcell stated.

While Walmarts donation is its first to help city kids find summer jobs, Supermarket chains Stop and Shop, Shop Rite, Pathmark, Fairway, Key Food, Gristedes and many others supermarkets have been providing New York City young adults with summer jobs for decades. “The difference between these employers and Walmart is that they do not need some big press event or a picture with the Mayor or some ulterior motive to do the right thing. They have provided tens of thousands of New Yorkers with summer jobs that pay good wages and benefits for decades,” Purcell explained. “Many of those students work at these supermarkets while they go to school and many often continue on towards a career in retail food,” Purcell stated. “When the Mayor is done with Walmarts press event, we would like to cordially invite him to tour a one of our Unionized employers so he can thank those who seek little attention, try to do the right thing every day and provide his constituents with a living wage and quality standard of living,” Purcell concluded.

Hopefully soon, Walmart will be employing former UFCW members in their New York City stores. I eagerly await the day when I read the press release from the UFCW condemning Walmart for offering a better work environment and better wages that aren’t shanghaied by the union, and lamenting the massive loss of their members because they all went to work for Walmart.

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