06.20.2011 1

Weiner Still Hasn’t Resigned…

Last Thursday, Rep. Anthony Weiner announced that he would be resigning from Congress. But here we are 4 days later, and Speaker John Boehner’s office still hasn’t received a resignation letter, as Politico reported.

On June 9, Weiner was concerned about how he would make money if he resigned from Congress. Apparently he has found a way to alleviate the money concerns–just resign in name only (RINO)!

He’s still collecting a taxpayer funded paycheck by the looks of it, and he is also vacationing at the Hamptons right now with Huma. Life must be nice…

Weiner is probably trying to get one more nice paycheck before officially calling it quits. After all, not many legitimate industries are going to be looking for his talents once the resignation is official.

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