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How the Government is Robin Hood-winking Hard-Working Americans

By Rebecca DiFede – In the classic tale of Robin Hood, the hero steals money from the rich Prince John and gives it to the towns many poor people. In the same way, the government takes tax money and delivers aid to the less fortunate through programs such as welfare.

However in this case, the rich prince is the average hard working American, and Robin Hood is Obama, taking from the hard-working and giving to the people who pay little to no income tax.

Imagine if the tax money went to maintaining a swimming pool that they could all share, provided they contributed to it. What the government is essentially doing, is letting down the gates of the private club, and letting people who put no money into it enjoy it for free at their leisure. Does that seem fair? (Hint: it isn’t).

What Obama fails to understand, in his never-ending quest to evacuate the bank accounts of people who actually worked for their money in order to fill up space for those who don’t, is that when someone earns money, it becomes theirs.

They contribute to the aforementioned metaphorical swimming pool via taxes to build roads, improve public schools, etc., and as a reward for succeeding in today’s dog-eat-dog world, what do they receive? A leash used to tether them to the fence of those who depend on the government for assistance, putting them under the control of their new masters.

As tax-paying citizens we should be outraged when we look at our paycheck, see how much money has been taken, and compare it to what it has been spent on. It has been taken and woven into a nice big safety net for those Americans who don’t feel it necessary to contribute to it.

Now, there are some people who have a legitimate reason to be on government assistance, but many who are benefitting have become little more than leeches on the ankles of hard-working Americans.

Obama uses soaring rhetoric to attempt to mask his intent to siphon money from our bank accounts, however it is high time that we stood up to the rebel spender and demand to see our receipts. Where is the money going if the amount needed is constantly rising? Or are the regulations for gaining access to these programs similar to those wanting a loan from Fannie or Freddie, all you’ve got to do is say “pretty please”?

Rebecca DiFede is a contributing editor to Americans for Limited Government.

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