Team Obama Spotlight Shines On Taxpayer Funded Gigs That Go To China

Departments of Transportation in this country seem to be taking tax funded projects and giving them to Chinese firms. This, while President Obama says he is going to create jobs in America. It’s time to turn the Team Obama Spotlight onto this!


ObamaCare headed to the Supreme Court

By Frank McCaffrey — ALG’s John Vinci runs Obamacarewatcher.org. He gives his take on the health care law’s visit to the Supreme Court.


What do Hallmark and Hoovervilles have in common?

By Rebekah Rast — During the Great Depression it was not uncommon to see tent cities going up around the nation. People could no longer afford their homes and didn’t have jobs so they banded together and lived in tents, often moving around in an […]


EuroTARP: Much ado about nothing?

By Robert Romano — The embattled creditors of Greece, Portugal, Ireland, and other troubled sovereigns breathed a collective sigh of relief as Germany has overwhelmingly approved those creditors’ next round of bailouts. But not so fast. It’s not over yet. “It is not at all excluded that […]


Must Reads for September 29


Calls to suspend elections has us calling for an impeachment

By Frank McCaffrey — North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue says we should suspend elections for two years and former Obama Administration Official Peter Orszag is suggesting we be less democratic. Here’s our reponse to this.


Did anything change in Congress?

By Adam Bitely — Can anyone remember a time when Congress had a decent approval rating? Didn’t think so. Every couple of election cycles or so, a wave of frustration at Congress sweeps the nation and voters change the partisan makeup of the House and […]


Tyranny with a whisper

By Bill Wilson — Most Americans think that tyranny comes with the stomping of boots, secret police and a bloody takeover by brutish thugs. It is the vision of the Cold War, of the Nazi and of countless tin-horn dictators over the last fifty years. And while […]


Liberal extremities

By David Bozeman — The prevailing notion — and conservatives fall for it, too — is that on one side of the ideological spectrum, you’ll find liberalism, on the direct opposite, conservatism, and directly in the middle is the mainstream of American thought. On the […]


North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue floats trial balloon for tyranny

By Bill Wilson — The North Carolina legislature should impeach Governor Beverly Perdue, who has called for the suspension of the U.S. Constitutional requirement for federal elections.  This is all a part of a disturbing trend on the hard left, showing their antipathy toward the people’s right […]

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