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Do-something politicians

By Adam Bitely — I believe that the dominating characteristic that all politicians share is the urge to use the government as a tool for fixing whatever a majority of Americans determine to be wrong with the country.

Politicians live for receiving credit for fixing what some people think are big problems that only the government can solve.

To these politicians, there is no problem that government can’t handle. Just look at the following scenarios that we see play out far too often.

Is the American public education system in trouble? Develop a clever catch phrase acronym to be attached to a massive spending bill that will finally put education back on track. Is China “taking” American jobs? Easy, just make Chinese imports more expensive for American consumers by imposing tariffs. Is government spending out of control? Just suggest larger government programs that will supposedly save money in a decade or longer.

None of the answers to the above problems ever involve the government sitting back and allowing these “problems” to be sorted out on their own. In fact, most of the problems were probably caused by government in the first place. For do-something politicians, a laissez faire approach to government solutions to every problem that hits their desks is the last thing on their mind.

What’s sad about do-something politicians is that they always seem to have forgotten the past.

Problems with the American public education system aren’t new. Many do-something politicians have thrown together their supposed education solutions at great cost to taxpayers. But still the problems remain. Out of control spending is not new. We are constantly told that programs implemented today will save us billions down the road. But these programs are constantly stacking up as countless politicians line up to have their moment of receiving credit for dealing with the tough problems Americans face. And debts continue to stack up as the supposed savings that we were promised are never realized.

The myth that America needs political leaders that are going to take decisive actions to fix the problems that the government faces is nonsense. America needs no such politicians.

What America needs are political leaders who know that an active government is only working against the people that they proclaim to be helping. Whenever a politician promises to use the government as a tool to improve your life, just know that you will wish you had voted the other way when all is said and done.

Adam Bitely is the Editor-in-Chief of NetRightDaily.com. You can follow him on Twitter at @AdamBitely.

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