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Polls across the board have spoken: even Democrats are growing tired of Obama

By Rebecca DiFede — The political phenomenon that was Barack Obama whipped the nation into a frenzy in 2008, and Americans from all walks of life stepped up to support him. He was the Democratic Party’s favorite son, and was held up on high as the savior of a fallen America.

However it would appear that even his most ardent supporters, the bluest of Democrats, are pulling away from him. A recent poll from Gallup shows a sharp decline in approval by Democrats, from around 85 percent in March of 2010 to 78 percent in September of this year. Considering the great fervor with which he was so previously praised, it seems as though even his smooth, charismatic presence and short punchy sound bites might no longer be enough.

Obama has become increasingly unpopular among independents as well, with their approval rating dropping from 60 percent to 39 percent in less than a year. The independent demographic was often one who supported Obama because of his promises to change the focus of the administration and take steps to reform then nation in a positive way that citizens across the aisle could get behind. However seeing as he has failed at this plan in almost every endeavor he has started since his inauguration, it leaves people to wonder what he would do with another four years in office.

Not surprisingly, his approval rating among Republicans has fallen from 40 percent to only 11 percent.

As an incumbent in the midst of a devastating financial crisis, our illustrious president needs all of the support he can get if he hopes to emerge from the primaries unscathed, and with these steadily falling poll numbers it seems as if those dreams are in jeopardy.

The economy is in the forefront of the voters mind right now, as millions are being adversely affected by the persistent lack of jobs and opportunities. Despite Obama’s promises for “hope and change”, and the emergence of newer energy sources and lower unemployment rates, the outlook for most mainstream citizens still appears grim.

As Americans begin to hunker down for election season, they must decide which candidate will provide them the most secure and hopeful future. According to a new poll from CNN only 35 percent of Americans have a positive view of Obama’s economic success, a number that indicates a loss of confidence in the man that was once revered and, dare I say, idolized by big-wigs on the left.

And it’s not just mainstream Americans who are starting to hop off the bandwagon. Mark Penn, well-known Democratic pollster and former campaign manager of Hilary Clinton’s presidential bid said, “the President is smashing the coalition that elected him by expanding government and raising taxes.” A statement like that from a Republican pundit such as Glenn Beck would be par for the course, however when it comes from the very mouths of the people that cried for his election in the first place it raises a lot of questions.

With less than a year before the 2012 presidential election, figuring out how to regain the trust of his shattered coalition will be Obama’s top political priority, but like Humpty Dumpty it is unlikely to be put back together again.

Rebecca DiFede is a contributing editor to Americans for Limited Government.

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