11.07.2011 0

The Occupy Baltimore Magic Squadron…

Occupy Wall Street ProtestorsFile this under the lighter side of the OWS movement.

H/T to Justin Hart for finding this gem (click here to read the email) and the following best excerpts that he passed along:

  • “… locating energetic fault lines on the site to find the main vault of potential energy on which to build an antenna…”
  • “At 3:33 when the shadow of the PNC begins to creep over the square… [we will place] a protective salt circle… spread around the camp…”
  • “Anything is possible at this point. One idea is to draw out cosmological circuits in order to facilitate the best possible flow of atheric resources… We ill also craft seeds which will later be planted in the grass and potted plants outside the big banks.”
  • “The final act will be to plant the physical seeds that we create at the basses of the buildings of the financial institutions downtown.  These will be designed to plant seeds which will grow and blossom and spread a new paradigm throughout these organizations, letting the wisdom of the cosmos set these misguided systems back into sync with the natural order”

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