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2012 GOP Nomination Elimination Match: Round 1

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With the Iowa caucuses just a few weeks away, we thought it would be fun to host the 2012 GOP Nomination Elimination Match.

This tournament will feature all 7 GOP Presidential candidates facing off in an 8 seed tournament with “None of the Above” being seeded in the 8 slot. It is a single elimination tournament. (Click here to download a printable tournament bracket so you can play at home!)

Voting for Round 1 begins today and concludes on Wednesday, December 21. On that day, we will announce Round 1 winners and begin Round 2 voting. So be sure to check back to NetRightDaily.com all next week to stay up to speed on the tournament and subscribe to our daily email by clicking here to receive tournament updates.

We chose the seeds using the Real Clear Politics average of nationwide polls to determine who would be seeded #1 through #7. We chose the #1 seed as the current leader in the polls as of December 15.

Here are the tournament seeds:

#1 Newt Gingrich

#2 Mitt Romney

#3 Ron Paul

#4 Michele Bachmann

#5 Rick Perry

#6 Rick Santorum

#7 Jon Huntsman

#8 None of the Above

You may vote in Round 1 below. Be sure to check back regularly to see results and to participate in Round 2.

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