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Mama Obama tells kids that if their parents don’t vote for her husband, ‘they’re wrong’

By Rebecca DiFede — Not be overshadowed by her husband as the campaign blazes on, First Lady Michele Obama did some campaigning of her own; upon meeting some kids at an event in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, Michele told them that they should tell their parents and grandparents to vote for her husband and that, “You can convince wrong people”.

Gee thanks, Mama Obama.

It seems that the First Lady has missed being at the pulpit and telling people how to live their lives (like she did with her ever-popular “Let’s Move” campaign), and so she found a new way to cause a little ruckus. By being her husband’s version of an over-obsessed fan.

Like that girl at the Poison concert who hasn’t washed her “Don’t need nothing but a good time” t-shirt since Bret Michaels signed it in ’88, and who scoffs at everyone who doesn’t think “Every rose has its thorn” is a classic for the ages, Michele Obama seems to be under the impression that everyone would be better off if they voted for her husband. Even if they’re well below the voting age, she relies on them to convince their elders and recruit more followers for the abomination that is her husband’s presidency.

The most bothersome part of this is that these children barely understand the issues that are being presented to the American people from the candidates, much less the fact that the First Lady is trying to manipulate them for her husband’s benefit. They are too young and innocent to realize her ulterior motives, and only see a famous figure speaking to them about vagueries that they hear in little sound bites from news stations.

This is low, even for the Obama Administration. I wonder if these kids know that this is the same woman that wanted to assassinate the cartoon characters from their favorite cereals, or the one who wanted fresh fruit to replace juicy burgers in school cafeterias. Or if they knew what her husband was really doing to the country, and what that meant for their future beyond the day in Golden Gate Park, perhaps they would ignore her.

However that is just like the left to attempt to manipulate those who are less aware of the issues, so as to gain from their ignorance. Obama does it in his own campaign across America to crowds of full grown adults, and then he sends out his cheerful little lackey to bat her eyelashes and snuggle some kids into the philosophy of big government.

She’s like the witch from Hansel and Gretel…luring the kids in with the sweet allure of hope and change and then once they are completely entranced, devouring them from within with our illustrious President’s legacy of deception and failure.

So if I were you, citizens of California, I’d hide your kids, hide your wife, because the First Lady’s scamming everybody out here.

Rebecca DiFede is a contributing editor to Americans for Limited Government.

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