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Obama’s narcissism is getting a little out of bounds

Obama playing basketball

Photo credit: White House

By Rebecca DiFede — As a part of an age-old tradition, the annual Easter Egg Roll took place on the lawn of the White House on Sunday. There were decorations, food, and of course a major egg hunt for the multitude of children in attendance.

The theme of the event was “Let’s Go, Let’s Play, Let’s Move,” inspired of course by Madame Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign to combat childhood obesity. Because as an Obama-sponsored event, it must of course revolve around the Obama’s and everything they care about, rather than just about the holiday on which it occurred.

One cool aspect of the day’s festivities was a basketball clinic for kids hosted by some of the best players in the game. It was played on the court at the White House and featured the White House’s own basketballs….emblazoned with our illustrious president’s face.

How self-centered and ridiculous? To have the kids who you are helping by offering an awesome basketball clinic participating with a ball with a gigantic picture of your face on it?

Now, some would say that it was a marketing ploy; after the clinic is over, the kids can take the basketball home and advertise Obama wherever they go, and to some extent that makes sense.

But the character of our president is to ensure that no matter what, the focus is never taken off of him, and personalized basketballs for use on the basketball court at the White House definitely does that job.

With the election drawing ever closer, it is extremely important that the president keep his image positive, and continue to spread his image across the country. And especially since he has focused so much on the youth vote, maybe he is trying to encourage the kid’s to campaign for him?

Last week, Mama Obama told little kids in San Francisco to tell their parents to ‘Vote Obama’ and now the man himself has joined in rallying the miniature troops.

The basketballs add to the horrifyingly long list of products that Obama has managed to get his likeness printed on, and judging by the reactions from college students, one can only imagine what kind of playground revolution these might cause.

Instead of the ‘Obama Girls’ of the first election, we may see some younger ‘Basketballers for Barack’ erupting on playgrounds everywhere.

Rebecca DiFede is a contributing editor to Americans for Limited Government (ALG).

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