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Tea Party scores another win in Texas

By Duane Miller — Conservatives selected a candidate for senator in Texas this week.  What are called “grassroots-conservatives” celebrated the election.  Ted Cruz, a political unknown one year ago, defeated Lt. Governor David Dewhurst, handily.  Dewhurst represented the Republican establishment.  He was an office-holder, had name recognition, endorsements of the expected GOP names, and much more money.  It is said that Dewhurst spent more than $20 million of his own money on his campaign.

Both men called themselves “conservative.”  And, compared to Democrats, both are.  The difference is that Cruz is representative of a movement in America that is fed up with the Go-Along-to-Get-Along compromise-and-defend politics of the Republican Party over the past several years.

Voters turned out in record numbers in Texas for a runoff election held in July.  The totally unheard of voting participation resulted in Cruz winning by double digits.  Money and connections lost to a grass-roots activist base of voters.  Called a “Tea Party Tidal Wave” by some pundits, the victory by Cruz should be an alarm bell for Speaker Boehner and the rest of the Republicans currently holding office or desiring election to office.

Ted Cruz was not the only beneficiary in runoff elections.  “Grassroots Conservatives” won in other Texas races as well as in other states.  In Atlanta, Georgia, a penny increase in the sales tax to fund transportation projects was a major priority for the sitting Republican governor.  It was defeated by 26 points.  True conservatives are angry with wimpy leadership and rising taxes.  The message that is being clearly sent to the establishment republicans is, “represent our interests or get tossed.”

Conservatives Have Had It With Do-Nothing Leadership

For decades, the Republicans were the minority party in both the House and Senate.  The Democrats ran everything and the minority party had very little influence.  About the only way a Republican could get his name in the paper was to do something completely outrageous or co-sponsor a Democrat bill.

Then came 1994 and the “Contract With America” that brought Republicans a majority in Congress and an opportunity to lead.  The “Contract” election was the first stirring of conservative sentiment, but traditional media vilified the Republicans, called them, “Obstructionists,” the Republicans did nothing to fight back, and, at the next election the Democrats gained 9 seats in the House.  Conservatives were taught to be seen-and-not-heard, their opinions are irrelevant, and that Republicans must behave.

Conservatives choked back their anger, even with “compassionate conservatism,” but then Barack Obama was elected and “hope and change” came to the White House.  This President has been the most polarizing in our lifetime.  His disregard for the Constitution and the legislative process; his disdain for the family unit and for the values embraced by most Americans (who comprise the real “mainstream”); his spending policies that will bankrupt this nation sooner rather than later; all have worked to breathe life into what was believed to be a dead body….the Conservative American voter.

The difference this time is the “New Media.”  Internet and Social Media have allowed a movement for freedom in this country that is as certain as those in the Middle East.  The difference is that we make change with ballots not bullets.

Being able to turn out record numbers of voters bodes well for conservatives in November, numbers favor conservatives.  Taking back the Senate and maintaining the majority in the House are critical if Obamacare is to be dismantled in any significant way.  Many say these races are more important than the Presidency.

Governor Romney, Are You Listening?

The biggest complaint I have heard from Grassroots Conservatives about Governor Romney is that he is an establishment-Republican.  They worry he doesn’t have the stones to facedown the media, rally his supporters, roll back entitlements, and balance the budget.  They worry that he, if elected, won’t lead the charge back to patriotism and excellence, but will compromise ideals to serve as a bipartisan President.

David Dewhurst is that kind of Republican.  It not only didn’t work for him, his candidacy failed miserably.  Hope Romney is watching and listening.  Without the support of the Cruz-backers, he has no chance in November.

Duane Miller is the COO of The Proud Americans and a contributing writer to the Liberty Features Syndicate.

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