09.13.2012 0

Rep. Walsh re-introduces Voter ID legislation

Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL) re-introduced legislation to require a photo-ID to vote in a Federal election. Representative Jim Jordan (OH-04), Chairman of the Republican Study Committee, Edwin Meese, Esq., Former Attorney General, Susan Carleson, the Carleson Center for Public Policy and Catherine Engelbrecht, President, TruetheVote.org all participated in the announcement of the legislation.

Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson responded to the legislation saying, “Representative Joe Walsh’s effort to insure the integrity of the federal voting process is both a stroke of common sense, but also courageous. Predictably, those intent upon corrupting the process will attack Walsh’s efforts to protect one of our citizen’s most sacred rights – the vote.  It is the virulence of these attacks that proves their maker’s intent, and Joe Walsh deserves an A-plus for staring them down through his re-introduction of the Federal Election Integrity Act, which simply requires a picture identification be shown as part of the federal election voting process.”

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