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Obama on Sequester: Cuts ‘not going to be an apocalypse’

Finally. Obama has decided to retreat back to his 2011 rhetoric where sequester was not a bad thing.

Just a month ago, Obama was saying that the sequester would “imperil our economy, our national security (and) vital programs that middle class families depend on.” Further, it would be a “a huge blow to middle-class families and our economy as a whole.”

In fact, many of his recent speeches about the impending doom of the sequester cuts have sounded a little like this:

Now that the sequester has happened and the world didn’t end, Obama is beginning to change his tune. Within 13 hours of the sequester taking place Obama is now saying this:

The sequester is “dumb” but is “not going to be an apocalypse,” President Obama said Friday following a White House meeting with congressional leaders.

Score 1 for those that didn’t fall for Obama’s scare tactics. Obama’s admission that the sequester is not the end of the world is similar to those we see from cult leaders that predict the end of the world on a specific time and date. Once the date comes and goes and the world hasn’t ended, they never fully admit their failure to predict the end of times. But everyone knows they were wrong.

As health care lobbyist Emily Holubowich told the Washington Post, “The good news is, the world doesn’t end March 2. The bad news is, the world doesn’t end March 2. The worst-case scenario for us is the sequester hits and nothing bad really happens. And Republicans say: See, that wasn’t so bad.”

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