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As Ice Destroys Homes in Minnesota, You Have to Wonder What Happened to Global Warming

In Minnesota what has been described as a tsunami of ice rolled onshore yesterday and was destroyed homes.  This was not icy water, but actual ice crystals that slowly came ashore in the sub zero temperatures.

One outlet described the situation this way.

IT’S A SCENE that could be from a ’70s horror movie: A wave of ice crystals relentlessly marching towards homes in Minnesota in the United States.

The massive ice floes have also destroyed 12 homes and damaged another 15 in Canada, which boarders Minnesota.

According to emergency officials, a total of seven homes in Ochre Breach were “literally crushed” by the ice that rose up within minutes pushed by strong winds, Winnepeg Free Press reports.

It makes you wonder how dangerous global warming is when it is ice, not melted water destroying homes.  For some more in depth articles on the lie of global warming check out these two articles.

A Scarifice to the Earth Day God

For a more humorous take on what Minnesotans think about global warming, you should check out the following video.

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