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Upcoming Broadcast Hits: May 2, 2013

Robert Romano will be on KMED talking with Bill Meyer at 9:35 am talking about Cyprus’ legalized bank theft.

“The leader of the Progressive party had this to say: “deeper integration with a Europe in historic decline isn’t necessarily the best for Iceland,” and that the “economic crisis in Iceland and Europe has taught us the importance of being able to control your own destiny.”

In contrast, Cyprus has accepted indebted servitude to the European Union — and the high unemployment and slow growth that comes along with it — perhaps for posterity. It should have left the common currency and told the Politeuro to take a hike.

The lesson is that, like Iceland, nations can stand against the debt machine, but the people must be prepared for the short-term economic costs so they can see the light of freedom at the end of the tunnel.”

Hear more about the contrasting European approach to the financial crisis by listening to the author live online.

Rick Manning will be on Dave Chaffin and Amy Richards Show on KGAB in Cheyenne, WY at 9:07 am talking about the “Will no one stand up for freedom?” editorial.

“In the wake of the Marathon bombing, a Boston reporter called asking for a response to requests by the Boston Police Department to put cameras on every block of major streets.

The immediate gut response was traditionally in America, it is the citizens who keep an eye on the government, not the government keeping an eye on the people.

But is this true anymore in America?  One wonders.”

Heart more musings on the future of freedom in America by listening live online.

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