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Chairman Lamar Smith Threatens to Subpoena EPA over Lack of Transparency

By Willie Deutsch

On July 9th, Sen. Vitter announced he would vote for Gina McCarthy’s confirmation as the new EPA Administrator as a result of promises of increased transparency.  While we have yet to see if the specific promises made to Vitter will be fulfilled, it is clear that the House of Representatives continues to have their own transparency issues with the EPA.

Rep. Lamar Smith sent a letter to Gina McCarthy demanding evidence for the scientific claims made by the EPA which have lead to costly regulations.  This is evidence he has been trying to get from Gina McCarthy for two years.  In the letter he stated he would issue a subpoena if he did not receive the information by July 31st.

The data is particularly important due to the costly nature of the regulations being issued by the EPA.  As the press release stated, “the EPA’s proposed limits on ozone are expected to be some of the most costly the federal government has ever issued. In the EPA assessment of this standard, it cited studies based upon these hidden data sets more than a thousand times.”

The American people deserve to see the science that is resulting in economy crushing regulations.  Sadly the EPA is refusing as it seems more concerned with implementing a radical environmental agenda than transparency.  It sure looks like little has changed at the EPA.

Willie Deutsch is Editor-in-Chief for NetRightDaily.com, and Social Media Director for Americans for Limited Government.

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