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The Lautenberg Deal

Harry Reid

By Tom Toth

Well, it’s finished.

After “fighting the good fight” Congressional Republicans blinked in the waning hours before reaching the debt ceiling and agreed to reopen the government, allowing Obamacare to be implemented unchanged.

Despite demands from Democrats for a clean Continuing Resolution, the final deal hand-crafted by Harry Reid and Senate Democrats contains a perturbing provision.

Buried 20 pages into the resolution, the bill appropriates $174,000 to the wife of the deceased New Jersey Democrat Senator Frank Lautenberg—once the 5th-wealthiest Senator and a successful businessman with an estimated net worth of up to $55 million.

Reid and his Congressional allies vehemently refused to craft a bill offering relief to American families and small businesses suffering from the economic consequences of Obamacare, but without a second thought handed out hundreds of thousands of tax payer dollars to millionaire members of their elite political society.

Washington’s political class touts the rhetoric of putting the nation’s struggling working families first, but their actions tell a different story.

Tom Toth is the Social Media Director for Americans for Limited Government

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