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The lives of others

Lives_of_othersBy Don Todd

At the beginning of a recent speech in Iowa Senator Ted Cruz instructed his audience to leave their cell phones on because he wanted President Obama to hear every word he said.  While this was meant as a joke it raises an important point.

Why would anyone in their right mind not assume that Obama is using the tools available to him to spy on his political opponents who he views as enemies?  It is illogical to believe that a man who would use the government to spy on the Pope, the Chancellor of Germany and millions of others would not use those same tools to spy on Ted Cruz, Mitt Romney, John Boehner and anyone else who he may perceive as standing in his way.

The three watchwords of this regime seem to be, “I know nothing,” “What difference does it make?” and “Whatever!”

George Will has made the claim that Edward Snowden was inspired to disclose the unprecedented domestic spying of this administration by the 2007 German film “The Lives of Others.”  Could be.

It also could be that members of the President’s Chicago team also saw the Academy Award winning film depicting the East German program of massive spying on perceived enemies of the state and took a totally different inspiration.

One thing Republican voters should demand of their Presidential candidates is a pledge to appoint a real Attorney General who will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law the rogue elements of the Obama regime.  The first thing Lois Lerner should do if a GOP President is elected is get a good criminal attorney.

The precedent of lawless behavior cannot stand as a guide post to future administrations as to what can be gotten away with and what is acceptable.

This issue should be raised now so as to give notice to the lawbreakers in this Administration their actions will not be forgotten and swept under the rug.

Don Todd is the director of research for Americans for Limited Government.

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