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The model for Conservatives

Barack ObamaBy Don Todd

We often hear politicians say “I want the government run like a business.”  What if business were run like the government?  Were that the case the makers of Comet Cleanser would secretly fund an advocacy group named Moms and Dads Committee for Decency in Cleansers.  The educational goal of this group would be to convince the public that Mr. Clean is a pedophile and that the product is destroying the earth because of a secret ingredient and 99% of all scientists agree.  The real goal would be to make it socially unacceptable to be associated with anything as politically incorrect as Mr. Clean.

This is the way the Left works and if entrepreneurs don’t figure it out and expose it they will lose their enterprises.

Years ago I accompanied an Idaho Congressman on a fund raising trip in northern Idaho, what was known at that time as the mining district.  The Congressman was quite blunt with the mine owners telling them, “If you don’t take care of your political business you’re not going to have any business.”

The miners responded as they always had and generously supported business oriented politicians.  None of those mines exist anymore.  What neither the Congressman nor the mine owners understood was that the future of their enterprises lay in the culture not in politics.  Politics reflects the culture and if enterprise loses the cultural war it will inevitably lose the political war.

It is difficult for those involved in the production of goods and services to grasp that a large part of the culture hates them for it.  After all the producer thinks, the only reason we produce these goods and services is because people want them.  Why would anyone hate us for providing for people’s needs and wants?

It is difficult for the producers in our society to understand the Marxist mindset but suffice it to say it is never the reason they give.  It is always to wrest control of the means of production from individuals and deliver it to the state.

Not understanding the motives of their opponents those involved in enterprise react to attacks with ad campaigns touting their products.  Hence we see ads on national television and print promoting clean coal and the positive wonders oil companies do for the environment.

The money spent on these ads might as will be poured down at rat hole.  They are counterproductive in two ways.  Since they are sponsored by industry they are not believed and worse the money spent on them goes into the pockets of their enemies in the statist media.

If history teaches us anything it is that you cannot fight emotion, with fear being the strongest emotion, with reason.  If your enemies are out to destroy you out of hatred it is not advisable to ask them to sit down for a chat.

The producers in our civilization must expose the statists for what they are or we will end up like most animals on earth spending all of our waking hours looking for something to eat.

The public and well publicized collapse of Obamacare presents a great opportunity to educate the culture as to the real and this instance glaringly obvious motive of the Left.  It was not to help the poor as they lied to the public.  It was to wrest control of one sixth of economy from the private sector and deliver it to the central planners.

The tragic results were foreordained and are there for all to see.

The same is true of their other schemes regarding energy, finance and all elements of human activity.  That point must be made.  Obamacare is not an aberration it is the model.

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