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Chairman Issa’s sarcastic IRS lost email statement

Chairman Issa doesn’t believe that the IRS suddenly can’t find Lois Lerner’s emails, my jaw dropped when I learned he had this kind of sense of humor.

Issa Statement on Lois Lerner’s Deleted IRS Emails
WASHINGTON – House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) today released the following statement on the Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) admission that the IRS ‘lost’ Lois Lerner’s emails to and from other IRS employees from a period of January 2009 – April 2011 due to a ‘computer crash.’
Chairman Issa said: “Isn’t it convenient for the Obama Administration that the IRS now says it has suddenly realized it lost Lois Lerner’s emails requested by Congress and promised by Commissioner John Koskinen?  Do they really expect the American people to believe that, after having withheld these emails for a year, they’re just now realizing the most critical time period is missing? Congressional oversight has revealed that the IRS has –potentially illegally– shared confidential taxpayer information with the FBI and lost crucial email records even as the agency continues to withhold information by not fully complying with the Committee’s subpoena. Left to the IRS’ own preferences, the White House would still be retelling the lie that this was all about mismanagement confined to a local office.  The supposed loss of Lerner’s emails further blows a hole in the credibility of claims that the IRS is complying with Congressional requests and their repeated assurances that they’re working to get to the truth. If there wasn’t nefarious conduct that went much higher than Lois Lerner in the IRS targeting scandal, why are they playing these games?”





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