09.26.2014 0

Urge Al Franken to stand with miners, not with environmental elitists

The Environmental Protection Agency is waging war against mining all across America. Coal mining jobs are being destroyed at the stroke of a bureaucrat’s pen, open pit copper mining jobs in Alaska – gone – due to an illegal EPA anti-mining edict. Even on the Iron Range, the EPA has tried to obstruct and discourage the creation of good mining jobs.

Yet, Al Franken has chosen to support his elitist Hollywood environmentalist friends by voting on the Senate floor to allow the EPA to continue their power grab that threatens your career and job security.

Franken had the chance to stand with miners against EPA rules designed to destroy coal mining, but he chose to stand with green extremists like Leonardo DiCaprio on the bow of the Titannic as it headed for an icy doom, and not your brethren.

Mining is hard work. It can be dangerous work. And it is proud work.

Tell Al Franken to stand with miners and against the Hollywood elites and the EPA bureaucrats who want to regulate you out of a job.

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