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What drove the Charlie Hebdo terrorist killers?

By Finn Barre

charlie hebdoThe offices of French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo was just invaded, and 12 people murdered by Muslim terrorists yelling “Allahu Akbar” and “The Prophet is avenged.”  Strangely, President Obama and the mainstream media still cannot discover the motivation of the killers.  President Obama could not utter the word “Muslim” or “Islam,” when condemning the massacre.  But Allahu Akbar, the war cry devised by the avenged prophet, Mohammed, is actually a pretty good clue.  The editors, cartoonists, and policemen were gunned down because Charlie Hebdo dared assert freedom of speech and humor against the grim catalog of restrictions Muslim fundamentalists want to impose not just on themselves and their womenfolk, but on every other living breathing person on this planet.

When the dead of Charlie Hebdo are buried, we may find ourselves interring the last mainstream journalists who were brave enough to confront censorship from a bunch of Sixth Century savages.  That is cause enough for weeping but what should really wring tears from even the stones themselves will be the response of Charlie Hebdo’s journalistic colleagues.  The living will profane the dead by lying about or simply avoiding any serious discussion of the ideology and beliefs which led to the gunning down of these talented and courageous men and women.

Sure, some American journalists might make some brave-sounding and sympathetic noises about their late French colleagues, but don’t pay attention to the bleats; just watch which way the sheep run.  Bear in mind that moral and professional cowardice toward fundamentalist Islam is the standard response of America’s left-wing journalists.  Recall almost a decade ago when Muslim fundamentalists threatened a Danish publication, Jyllands-Posten, over cartoons about Mohammed.  More than 200 people died in violent Muslim riots, including a nun who was murdered.   The riots were whipped up thanks to a posse of Danish imams using a phony photograph that was supposedly Mohammed the prophet wearing a pig’s nose.  Rather than criticize this crazed and violent response, most journalists on both sides of the Atlantic found it safer to accuse the Danes of provoking the normally pacific Muslims.  More embarrassing than those supine responses was the fact that few if any American publications and broadcasters saw fit to actually reprint the offending cartoons so people had no idea how generally anodyne most of those allegedly offensive cartoons actually were.

The creators of South Park staged a musical mocking Mormons, ran a few episodes ridiculing Scientology, and have a recurring Jesus Christ cartoon character.  Yet when they tried to run an extremely tame depiction of Mohammed disguised in a bear suit, the brave souls of the Comedy Central network refused to allow it.   Libertarian iconoclasts Penn and Teller happily bash all religion except Islam.  They have confessed, with an honesty rare amongst America’s entertainment and journalism elite, that their reticence is based on the fear that Muslims would then try to kill them.

So, today, Islam claimed more journalistic lives, and the President of the United States and his media eunuchs could not bring themselves to mention Islam as the motivation of the slaughter.   Left wingers have been complaining for nearly a year about a so-called rape culture that infests America’s university campuses, but went mute when reports about real rape surfaced in the small left-wing dominated town of Rotherham, England.  It seems that Muslim gangs established a genuine rape culture against lower class white girls which lasted for years with quiet toleration by the local British police.  So the feminists don’t want to talk about that.

The American media and the President love to vapor on about “bullying” in American schools, but can’t seem to work up the same enthusiasm to defend Christian, Yaziidi, or even Shia children being beheaded or crucified by Muslims in Syria and Iraq.

The same people who get worked up about “creeping theocracy” in our schools and crosses in public spaces are perfectly accommodating to crescents and mandatory multicultural exercises in which students are forced to learn Muslim prayers.

Readers should recall how the mainstream media and Democrats branded conservatives responsible after a George Bush-hating psychopath by the name of Jared Loughner gunned down Rep. Gabby Giffords.   The cause of the massacre, said all the smarter pundits, was tough political talk by tea party members and Sarah Palin’s use of the term “targeting” when talking about liberal politicians.  This does not apply after Muslim atrocities.  Instead our pundits warn us not to leap to conclusions nor pay attention to the speeches, sermons and writings of most of the world’s imams and Muslim religious scholars.   Yes, a series of polls by Pew Research do reveal huge majorities in Muslim countries, and large pluralities (1 of 5) of Muslims in Western countries agree with killing apostates and all those who insult their prophet, but we are told the fault lies with… nobody.  It certainly cannot lie, we are told, with Islam itself.

Because of this, rest assured that the Charlie Hebdo story will soon turn into a story of how the Charlie Hebdo people were far too confrontational with Muslims and may have (it will be hinted) more or less had it coming.  Stories of Muslims exulting over the deaths of these writers and cartoonists will most likely not be written, or if they are, will soon be dropped down the memory hole.  The story will then morph, perhaps as early as this weekend, into tales of some Muslim organizations being sorry to hear about the news of the murders, mainly because it will mean that poor Muslims will be victimized by bigots who dare assume there is a link between Islam and violence against non-believers.   And long before the corpses of Hebdo’s writers and cartoonists are settled in their graves, the usual dishonest talking heads such as Esposito or Armstrong will be trotted out to assure the masses that “true” Islam had nothing to do with the massacre and that we must ignore the evidence for this unrelenting aggression that is found in the Quran, the Hadith, and the example of more than 1400 years of Jihad aggression.

Finn Barre is a contributing writer to the Liberty Features Syndicate.

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