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Obama’s America in one photo


By Rick Manning

Look at the picture above.  American flags on cubicles.  Cubicles once occupied by American high tech workers at an American firm.

But something happened?  It was cheaper to use H1B visas to bring in foreign workers to replace these Americans.  So, many of these workers were forced to train their replacements.  If agreed to by Congress, the TransPacific Partnership will empty more cubicles filling them either with foreign replacements or simply shifting the jobs overseas.

You will be told that your prices for goods and services will go down.  Look at the flags, think of the lives changed, and the tears that flowed.  Think of the indignity of training your replacement because they could be easily imported?

Tell Congress no to the TransPacific Partnership.

Click here for the full story. (H/T ComputerWorld)

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