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We Pause to Remark

By Don Todd

In case you have not heard it is raining in Texas. It is fascinating to watch the twenty-four-hour news channels try to figure out how many different ways they can say that.  It is also interesting to watch them second guess every decision made by the authorities on the ground. Keep in mind these media types have never run anything but their mouths.

It is not surprising that the media that was wrong about everything before the election is wrong about everything after the election.

The new slogan of the left, “Peace Through Violence.”

First it was Russia, Russia, Russia, then racist, racist, racist, now it is crazy, crazy, crazy. These folks are all singing from the same song book.  Makes you wonder who is financing and producing that book.

Hate speech is any speech the Marxist wing of the Democrat Party hates. Mostly that speech is about freedom, individual liberty and limited government.

Not being able to compete with Donald Trump the left has now declared war on an ever-expanding group of dead people. Unlike Trump they cannot reply.

Samuel Adams represents Massachusetts in the Capitol’s Statuary Hall. In the interest of more female representation we suggest he be replaced with Mary Jo Kopechne.

Democrats and some Republicans have gone so far out of the mainstream that they have lost sight of the stream all together.

It is amazing that people who have spent their entire lives in elective politics now think that the path to electoral success is to attack the values and mere existence of the sixty percent of the population that is white.

Mitch McConnell now has the lowest approval rating (19%) of any nationally known political figure. True he does not have much to work with in a Senate populated with so-called Republicans the likes of John McCain and the appropriately named Jeff Flake but he is making the worst of it.

If you are in elective office and the New York Times or the Washington Post print something good about you, you are doing something wrong.

If there is any group of people more disgusting than our establishment political class it is our establishment media class that supports them.

An annual showing of Gone with the Wind has been canceled in Tennessee. The excuse used by the theater is that the movie first shown seventy-eight years ago is suddenly “insensitive.” An alternative view is that the movie is dangerous in that it is an accurate view of where we are headed as well as where we have been. Over six hundred thousand Americans lost their lives in our last civil war.

All the Sunday shows this weekend wanted to talk about the pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Naturally none of them wanted to talk with the Sheriff. Two minutes of Arpaio speaking would have destroyed their entire narrative and they knew it.

Just when you think Speaker Ryan cannot sink any lower he proves you wrong. This time by denouncing the pardon of Sherriff Joe. Karl Rove also joined the leftist chorus.  Will Sheriff Clark be the next law enforcement officer to be denounced by the say anything to get approval from the leftist media crowd?

Don Todd is President of Americans for Limited Government Foundation

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