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We Pause to Remark

By Don Todd

Funny to watch the left work themselves into a lather over the very idea that taxpayers will get to keep more of the money they earned.  Armageddon Pelosi shouts.  Chuck Schumer has a fit and falls in it.

One hopes that all the Trump haters got their money out of the stock market the day after the election.

Paul Krugman predicted the stock market would crash and never recover because of Donald Trump’s election.  Why would anyone ever take him seriously after that?  No one does except the Sunday news shows that continue to have him on to make absurd economic predictions.

The lesson of the Alabama Senate election is that outlandish smears with the full support of the left stream media work.

The cable news networks often put up the chyron “Breaking News.”  An hour later you see the same chyron claiming the same story is breaking news.  How many times can the same story break?

Up until recently the Democrat Party stood for free love and a hospitable policy towards Russia.  Now they sound like Puritans and John Birchers.

The student loan program has done exactly what it was intended to do.  Enriched greedy universities and left an entire generation with a mountain of debt.  It is time to stop giving the left the benefit of the doubt.  They do not have good intentions.  Their intentions are as evil as their results.

Notice how Bill Clinton scandals are about sex while Hillary’s have to do with money.

Death is nature’s way of telling you to slow down.

It has been nearly three months since the Las Vegas massacre and we still know nothing.  FBI is preoccupied with Russian collusion.

The left is claiming that the bonuses given out to employees after the tax cut are just a publicity stunt.  I would like to be a victim of such a stunt.

The recent spate of civil war statue removals are just the Democrats trying to erase their history.

Anyone getting tired of winning yet?

As Dinesh D’Souza points out in his great book The Big Lie the Democrat Party is the party of race and has been since its’ founding.

No matter how the Mexicans feel about the Trump wall they will get over it.

Idaho is the fastest growing state in the union and Idahoans do not like it.  Their fear is people who fouled their own nests will move to Idaho and do the same thing there.  Like people from California who turned the Golden State into the Fools Gold State.

Over fifty year old bumper strip: GET THE U.S. OUT OF THE UN AND THE UN OUT OF THE U.S.  How right they were.

The funniest show on television is Reliable Sources on Sundays on CNN.  Much funnier than Saturday Night Live.  The host Brian Selter looks like Humpty Dumpty.  He interviews insane people and agrees with them.

The UN Charter was drafted at a conference between April–June 1945 in San Francisco.  An American chaired the conference and was therefore the first Secretary General.  His name was Alger Hiss.  He was a Soviet spy.

Don Todd is the President of Americans for Limited Government Foundation.


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