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We Pause to Remark

By Don Todd

Whites in general and white males in particular are under attack in our society.  We are told by the left that they have too much influence, too much money and that they distort our culture.  Ironically these same charges were made against the Jews in Socialist Germany during the nineteen thirties.

Mueller marches on.  Next he will be indicting Snuffy Smith who parked cars for Trump campaign staffers.  The charges will be overdue library books from 2012 and leaving a toilet seat up in 2010 and then lying about it to an FBI agent in 2018.

The lesson from the Mueller investigation is never talk to the FBI.  Do not give them the time of day.  If you do and you are one minute off they will charge you with lying to them and you will have to mortgage your house to pay legal fees for your defense.

Back during the days of the Red Menace when the left was defending Julius and Ethel Rosenberg plus Alger Hiss, those of us who believed the Soviet Union was a threat were labeled right wing extremists who saw Russians under every bed.  Liberals now sound more extreme than any member of the John Birch Society ever did.  They see Russians under every napkin.

When Susan Rice sent herself a memo memorializing a meeting she had with Obama where he told to do things, “by the book,” she forgot to mention that the book he was referring to was Marxist Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.

The nation is justifiably upset of the senseless deaths of seventeen high school students in Florida.  In the meantime 2500 children are murdered every day in the country’s abortion slaughter houses and the nation goes ho-hum.

There was a time when broadcasters would not run advertisements for Preparation H because they felt it was too personal a product.  Now you have five years olds asking their mothers, “Mommy what is erectile dysfunction?”

When the film, Gone With The Wind, was first exhibited the audience would gasp when Clark Gable said, “Frankly my dear I don’t give a damn.”  This was because they had never hear anyone swear in a movie before.  An indication of the coarsening of our culture.

Stormy Daniels, an aging floozy who had sex with strangers on video if the price was right is challenging the moral integrity of our President.  The reaction of the MSM and the Never Trumpers is, “This paragon must be listened to.”

The left has always been good at astro-turfing so it is no surprise that they were able to turn out thousands of snot nosed kids to tell us they were too emotionally immature and unstable to buy a gun but were just the people to set gun policy.

The same group of teens attacking Second Amendment rights are the ones who often wear tee shirts sympathetic to and bearing the image of psychopathic serial killer Che Guevara.

The MSM lives by a simple rule, Democrats good, Republican and Trump bad.  The Democrats live in a world in which they can do no wrong which is causing them to live in a false world.  They have been led to believe that, “We are going to take your guns and raise your taxes,” is a winning platform.  The Republicans and Trump on the other hand can do whatever they wish knowing that they will be denounced regardless.

Don Todd is the President of Americans for Limited Government Foundation.

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