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Trump is right about NATO, challenges Russia, as the mainstream media and the left continue to don tinfoil hats

By Printus LeBlanc

President Trump has spent much of this week in Europe at the annual North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) summit. The President has used the gathering to voice his concerns over NATO members’ commitment to the alliance. For decades the U.S. has carried more than its fair share of the burden in protecting Europe from Russian aggression. Taking a page from President Reagan, Trump has increased military spending and wants to target the fossil fuel industry of Russia by exporting U.S. energy. Yet at every turn, it seems like NATO allies, the left, and the mainstream media are trying to help Russia.

Germany is perhaps the most insulting example of freeloading in NATO. Chancellor Angela Merkel leads the largest economy in Europe and the fourth largest in the world with a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of $3.6 trillion, according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Despite being the economic engine for the European Union, Germany only spent $44 billion in 2017 on defense, a paltry 1.2 percent of GDP. Far below the 2 percent mark NATO members have vowed to reach.

To give an idea of what kind of shape the German military is in, because of severe equipment shortages, in a joint NATO exercise conducted last year, German soldiers used broomsticks painted black instead of weapons. Who is that supposed to scare or intimidate?

The German numbers might not be so bad if the country was in the middle of a recession, but the opposite is true. The German is economy is booming right now. The economy is growing at its fastest since 2011, and in the greatest slap in the fact to U.S. taxpayers, the economic powerhouse ran a budget surplus in 2017. Not just a surplus, but a $44.9 billion surplus surpassing military expenditures.

It is crystal clear Germany has the capability and capacity to increase military spending and still run a budget surplus, but instead chooses to put the U.S. taxpayer on the hook for their defense while the U.S. racks up debt to foreign adversaries. President Trump wishes to stop that, and apparently the left and mainstream media believe the status quo is just fine.

If the left and the mainstream media really were concerned about Russia, wouldn’t they want Germany to increase defense spending to help offset the Russian threat? Why are the same people in the U.S. having conniption fits about Russia not backing what the President is doing?

Not only is Germany refusing to support the NATO alliance by providing adequate defense, Germany and many other nations are financially supporting Russia, the nation NATO was created to stop. Russia receives billions every year from European nations. Europe is wholly dependent on Russia for its energy needs thereby under the thumb of Russia.

The hydrocarbon industry makes up 68 percent of Russia’s total export revenues. The U.S. Energy Information Agency reports one-third of government revenues come from those exports. The Russian government then uses that revenue to build up its military. Russian President Vladimir Putin also needs the revenues to hold on to power. Russia is a gangster nation, ruled by thugs and Putin is at the head of the table. He uses the funds made from Russian companies, such as Gazprom the state owned natural gas company, to spread around to his lieutenants.

Wouldn’t it be advisable for Europe to stop funding the Russian military and put Putin in a financial bind?

The Russian hydrocarbon industry is not only a cash cow for Russia, it is also its most potent weapon. The Swedish Defense Research Agency published a report detailing 50 instances when Russia used energy as a weapon to put pressure on its neighbors. It only makes sense for Europe to look elsewhere for energy, and the U.S. is the prime target. But for some reason, it is the mainstream media and leftist groups trying to stop U.S. energy production. Why would they do something to help Vladimir Putin?

Germany’s relationship with Iran is also troubling. Merkel was at the forefront of the Iran deal, wanting the German nation to get billions in contracts. Iran on the other hand, wanted to give out the contracts and use the proceeds to purchase billions in advanced weapon systems from Russia. Once again, European allies acting against the interests of NATO.

So, to go over it again, President Trump wants to increase U.S. energy production and export it Europe to offset Russian influence. President Trump increased U.S. defense spending and wants NATO members to do the same to confront Russia. And finally, President Trump wants to increase sanctions against Iran, denying them the funds to purchase weapons from Russia. But, somehow in the eyes of the mainstream media, Trump is doing the bidding of Russia, even though it is the left, partially funded by Russian oil money, trying to stop U.S. energy production. And it is the left trying to stop the President from rebuilding the military.

If President Trump is working for Putin, he is the worst agent ever.

Printus LeBlanc is Legislative Director at Americans for Limited Government.

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