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We Pause to Remark

By Don Todd

Like all of the political mass murders of the 20th century Adolf Hitler was a man of the left.  Conservatives should refer to his movement by its’ correct name, National Socialism.

Those who oppose tariffs claim they are doing it because they raise prices to the consumer.  Many of those same people favor high corporate income taxes which do exactly the same thing.

Our grandmothers used to tell us the cursing and swearing were, “The strong expression of a weak mind.” The left is proving that to be truer than ever.

It is ironic that many of the same people weeping over the proper treatment of young illegal immigrants at the southern boarder support the subsidization of Planned Parenthood child slaughter houses around the nation.

Stormy Daniels is what we used to call, “A woman of ill repute.”  She is now reportedly headed to the southern border to help young illegals. We hope they will enjoy the pole dance.

If the left really wanted to stop foreign interference in American elections, they would be opposed to foreigners voting in our elections. They are not.

We see a lot more liberals on Fox News than we see conservatives on the hate stream media.  Fair and Balanced. What a concept.

One of the great achievements of President Trump is that he has tricked the Democrats into showing us who they really are.

Anyone who worked for the Trump campaign now has a target on their back.  They are targeted for financial ruin and personal destruction by the full force of the federal government.

Like the Klu Klux Klan of the past, Antifa is the modern-day enforcement arm of the Democratic Party. Like the Klan they assault innocent people who do not agree with their anti-American insanity.

The day in day out claim of the hate stream media in regards to the President is, “We’ve Got Him This Time!”

Rodger Ailes was not a friend of mine but he was more than a casual acquaintance.   I worked with him on numerous Senate campaigns and one Presidential race.  He was a 60’s kind of guy from working class roots who understood and knew how to appeal to the electorate.   He created the most watched and trusted cable news network from the ground up. What was done to him by the, “Me Trollop,” movement was a national disgrace.

Whatever President Trump paid national nuisance Stormy Daniels and her creepy porn lawyer to go away was cheap at half the price.  Problem is neither she nor he went away.  Why they are not being charged with extortion or blackmail is beyond explanation to rational people.

It is clear that the FBI did more to try to influence the 2018 election than any Russian did.

The left is wholeheartedly for the free speech they agree with. Other than that not so much.  This was recently demonstrated by the coordinated censorship by Silicon Valley social media giants.

Don Todd is President of Americans for Limited Government Foundation.

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