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No coincidence North Korea missile test conducted as trade talks between U.S. and China broke down

North Korea’s missile test happened just as trade talks with China broke down. It is no coincidence.: dailytorch.com/2019/05/north-koreas-missile-test-just-as-trade-talks-with-china-broke-down-is-no-coincidence/

It is no coincidence that just as U.S. trade talks with China were breaking down last week, North Korea on May 4 conducted its first missile test since Nov. 2017. North Korea has long been a satellite state and ally of China. For those who are thinking President Trump should just trade away his trade sanctions on Beijing in return for promises of concessions from North Korea that might never materialize, that is the fool’s path of desperation. It would virtually guarantee a nuclear North Korea, and no resolution to the trade issues. The U.S. must never be subjected to nuclear blackmail. Is North Korea China’s nuclear deterrent against trade sanctions?

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